Is Your Spouse Controlling? Signs You NEED to Know

Is your marital relationship marked by trust issues and a controlling partner? Control, typically driven by fear of abandonment, can leave you feeling trapped, controlled, and harmed by guilt-tripping. This damages the security of a relationship, but there IS wish for modification, and it could even save your .

Marital Relationship Assistant Coach Roald Gerber understands. He was as soon as a controlling spouse, and his journey from control to connection influences change. He uses insights and tools to assist you:

* Recognize control, from subtle guilt-tripping to apparent strategies.
* Comprehend how fear of abandonment influences controlling habits.
* Address control in such a way that reduces conflict and promotes recovery.
* See how couples rebuild trust after years of pain, proving your marital relationship can be various..

This transformation isn't just about repairing a controlling spouse. It has to do with comprehending how your reactions and worries may play into the dynamic. This knowledge allows you to create a stronger, much healthier partnership.

If you battle with a managing partner and the psychological toll it takes, don't do it alone. Therapists like Roald focus on breaking devastating patterns and rebuilding trust. It takes effort, BUT a safe, supportive is possible.

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Time Stamps:.
0:00 – Relationship coaching and customer emotions.
2:52 – Control in relationships.
6:55 – Controlling habits in a marital relationship.
13:21 – Controlling relationships and the expect modification.
17:09 – Controlling habits in marriages.
21:26 – Controlling behavior in marital relationship and expect change.
26:41 – Marriage healing and personal growth.

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Is Your Spouse Controlling? Signs You NEED to Know

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  1. I was the controlling one without even noticing and she says she’s done and that there is no hope for reconciliation.

    1. @@zuzu7250 in hindsight it’s obvious that I let my insecurities run wild. I was incredibly suffocating. And yes she probably no longer likes me lol I wouldn’t have liked myself either.

    2. @Infinitevanity there is always hope! I am a recovering controller and a Marriage Helper customer. Today I volunteer w/ Marriage Helper. My insecurities also drove my need to control. In my marriage, it started innocently enough with “I’m just trying to help” and gradually evolved. I likened it to two ships traveling parallel and then one differing course by a degree or two, the control in my marriage eventually led to us breaking. You can see my story here:

      Be sure to check out Marriage Helper’s free Facebook group at

  2. I don’t agree with the woman will deal with controlling behaviour much longer than men. This has not been what I’ve seen or experienced. Sounds like male bashing?

    1. Maybe this is a cultural thing? Being a black man my male family and friends are not controlling in their relationships.

  3. I controlled my wife for 22 years before our marriage broke. I found Marriage Helper in late 2016. Today, my wife and I are reconciled for over 6 years. There is hope.

    “I didn’t even realize I was doing this!” – GOLD!
    “She wants out and I have no idea why!” – Yes, this was me!
    “I have this lingering fear that he will go back…” – Yes, I heard this.
    “I needed to prove that I was different” – Yes, I had to work through this. Time, consistency, patience, vulnerability were all required for me.

    My wife watched me like a hawk as I re-learned how to be a spouse and let go of control.

    How can I identify if I’m being controlling?
    – I scored 59/70 on the assessment here.

    WHY and HOW we control:

    See my story here:
    See Marriage Helper’s Free Facebook Group here:

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