Is My Spouse A Narcissist?

Ever discovered yourself quickly labeling someone as a narcissist without really grasping the principle? Today, we expose misconceptions and misunderstandings around narcissism and selfishness. Kimberly talks about the advancement of narcissism from a personality trait to a diagnosable condition, presently affecting just 1% of the population. In an era where web has actually birthed a surge in self-proclaimed 'narcissists', we highlight the requirement to totally comprehend the term and the dangers it holds when misused.

We then shift into discussing methods to handle those who display conceited traits or heightened selfishness in our relationships. Contrary to popular belief, the response isn't difficult love or firm boundaries, but compassion. We explore the concept of comprehending where the selfishness is stemming from – worry, low self-confidence, or altering personal desires. We likewise highlight the importance of setting healthy boundaries and safeguarding oneself in these situations.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – What is narcissism and what does it suggest?
2:20 – The Diagnostic and Analytical Handbook of Mental Illness.
3:38 – Identifying your partner as a narcissist.
6:41 – How to handle a selfish individual?
10:12 – How to withstand self-centered people?

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Is My Spouse A Narcissist?

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!!! Can you please cover Gaslighting too?!?? People misuse that 24/7 now! Every little lie is considered gaslighting…..

    1. That’s very true. I have been accused so many times of this. It’s like a get out of jail free card for people

    2. Yeah I think people don’t differentiate between actual gaslighting and lieing and manipulation.
      Gaslighting is a slow and sustained manipulation designed to make you question reality and your own sanity. It’s not just telling lies or or trying to manipulate a situation/story.

  2. Wonderful!!! Thank you for addressing this. One of the biggest problems in marriage, diagnosing and using information gained from videos to label the behavior as narcissistic, therefore must mean you’re a narcissist. This is a major cause for resentment!

  3. Thank you Dr. Beam and Kimberly for addressing this! People can get millions of views by promoting the labeling of others (as narcissists or whatever) to make them less-than-human and not deserving of love, empathy, and respect, but only YOU and a very few other channels in YT (like Geoffrey S.) have the integrity to go against the grain in order to HELP people and not just chase clicks.

  4. I like your content and your mission in helping people…. However its been pretty relevant that you don’t believe in narcissism….? It’s very real, and many of us have suffered years of abuse and a lot of the abuse seems to be dismissed by your reasonings of Limerance….. While I’m convinced Limerance is very real, emotional narcissism is much more common.

    1. Hi, Jared. We’re sorry for the pain that you’ve experienced. We believe that narcissism is very much a real thing. What we are saying in this video is that everybody has narcissistic/selfish tendencies for a variety of reasons, but research shows us that only roughly 1% of the population actually has narcissistic personality disorder. If you’d like to learn more about the research, our CEO, Kimberly Beam Holmes, talked about the research of narcissism on her podcast It Starts With Attraction. You can watch that episode here!

  5. I’ve been through narcissistic abuse and actually went back to work things out bc of watching your channel. It led to more abuse and I’m in a far worse position than what my partner initially put me and our children with. I’m not trying to sound disrespectful but listen ing to this all I can think is that you have no idea what you’re taking about and you sound like you haven’t been through it.

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