Infatuation Vs. Love

Have you ever felt the enjoyment of new love? When love starts, it's exciting, and you consider the individual typically. But is this real love, or is it infatuation? In this video, Dr. Joe Beam explains the essential distinctions in between .

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Infatuation refers to the early stages of a relationship when the adrenaline is pumping and chemicals are produced in your brain that make it exciting and euphoric. But can infatuation truly be a type of love?

In the social sciences, we study love in different methods. Numerous designs have been made from the different types of love, and infatuation is indeed part of love. The advantage is that it feels fantastic. The downside is that it doesn't last that long. Therefore, if you desire a longer-lasting relationship, you can't stop with the infatuation. You need to deal with all 3 of Dr. Robert Sternberg's essential components for a long-lasting relationship – intimacy, enthusiasm, and commitment.

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Infatuation Vs. Love

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