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  1. Thank you for this. My spouse labelled me as a narcissist and left. I was gutted. I think the phrase is overused.

    1. Same thing happened to me. The crazy thing is after my wife told me I was a narcissist I decided to be proactive and make an appointment with a trained psychologist who then evaluated me for narcissism. After being evaluated my psychologist said “your not a narcissist. Have your wife come in next week and I will tell her.” When I told my wife she said she didn’t believe my psychologist and refused to see her. About a month later my wife left me anyway… crazy stuff!

  2. Thanks for this advice. I can relate to this very much. I just wish my wife was willing to even try to save pur 20 year marriage. I myself am finally ready to change. But its too late.

  3. If she’s asking what to do to improve she is not a narcissist. Narcissist don’t care whether they are good people or not but she may have narcissistic and selfish tendencies

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