How To Stop Being Jealous In A Relationship

Jealousy will RUIN your if you do not learn how to look after those sensations properly. It can cause your spouse to move away from you regardless of your good intentions.

Jealousy takes place when we are insecure. It comes from the insecurity about not sufficing, appealing enough, or intelligent enough. And all of us understand that jealousy is the thief of pleasure. And it will steal the pleasure in your , too. Why? Due to the fact that it keeps you focused on what is not enough, how you are inadequate, and how your relationship is unsatisfactory.

And if you are fighting with your relationship, then you're not alone. However jealousy will create chaos, and it most likely currently has in your marriage.

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  1. Have you struggled with jealousy in your marriage or relationship?
    If so, comment below and tell us how you’re working on those feelings of jealousy?

  2. After being married to a narcissist for so many years I finally got divorced and now I’m struggling with trust and jealousy from the damage that he did to me but I’m working on it and I know how to do that because of videos like this

    1. Hey Chris Crippler Cruz, so sorry to hear you are going through this. Because of the complexity of this situation, we would strongly advise you reach out to us directly! You can call us at 1 (866) 903 0990 and be connected with one of our Client Representatives who will guide you to the best resources we have available for your situation. You can also schedule the call yourself for a time that works best for you by following this link:

      We look forward to speaking with you directly if you will allow it!

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