How To Stand For Your Marriage After Divorce

Can you conserve your marital relationship after ? Do not quit hope! This episode checks out the possibility of reconciliation even after a final decree. Marital Relationship Assistant Creator Dr. Joe Beam shares a powerful motivation of couples who rekindled their love and reconstruct their marital relationship after divorce.

Listen in and find:
Why divorce does not need to be the end: Learn how focusing on individual development can lead the way for a restored relationship.
Healing from the discomfort of divorce: We acknowledge the genuine emotions you're facing and offer assistance for progressing constructively.
Taking control of your future: The Marital relationship Assistant Workshop can equip you with the tools to become the very best variation of yourself and develop healthy, satisfying relationships.
Solo Spouse Workshop: Even if your ex isn't ready to get involved, this powerful divorce healing workshop can assist you recover and get important tools for future relationships, including the possibility of remarriage after divorce.

This episode is for you if:
You're having problem with the psychological rollercoaster of divorce.
You still like your ex and wonder "I desire my husband back" or if there's a possibility to fix up.
You want to gain from previous mistakes and construct more powerful relationships in the future.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Reconciling after divorce without adjustment
1:03 – Personal growth and reconciliation after divorce
2:38 – Comprehending relationship issues and healing
4:11 – Fixing a troubled marital relationship through private workshops
5:19 – Recovery and restoring after divorce

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How To Stand For Your Marriage After Divorce

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  1. My soon to be ex wife asked if later she felt like she made a mistake could she come back. I said no. Was that a good idea?

  2. I pray that my situation doesn’t go as far as divorce. My wife wanted it, had already filed the application to the lawyers and I refused to sign and then my mom and I fasted and prayed about it and she hasn’t mentioned anything about divorce. My wife demanded that we separate tho. The separation feels almost as bad as divorcing, but I’m hanging in there.

    1. Do not obey your Mom. You two are one flesh… you NEED to get together and start talking, calm and peaceful, and get to this Couple’s Workshop.

    2. @@wolfsden my wife was the one who demanded the separation. Sorry for not communicating that clearly. Will have to edit my comment. I’m just praying that in the near future my wife will agree to the workshop.

  3. My husband of 29 years has filed. I’m speaking to my lawyer tomorrow. He refused counseling. Refuses to work on anything other than splitting assets.
    So…if the divorce goes through…that’s it. I don’t talk to exes. I don’t have anything to do with an ex. Once a divorce happens, it’s done. Nothing can change that. I’ve been working on myself. Drawing closer to God. And that’s all I can do. He hates God. He hates all that has to do with God. I won’t tolerate that.
    God first, always. I want a godly man who puts God first above all else, including himself.
    Obsessing over your spouse/marriage…is idolatry. And that is why separations and divorces happen. God allows it so that He can get you to put him first!!!
    Thou shalt have NO other gods before Me!!!
    His words, not mine!

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