How To Rebuild TRUST After Reconciliation

Can you restore trust after an affair? Definitely. Which is Step 5 of the 7 Actions To Rescue Your Marital Relationship (And Yourself) Today we speak about how calculative trust can lead you further down the course of rescuing your marital relationship and eventually lead to reigniting intimacy and enthusiasm.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Actions to rescue your marital relationship.
1:08 – How to restore trust and responsibility.
3:52 – The science of trust and reconciliation.
5:04 – Putting everything on the table.
6:37 – Calculative trust is complicated.
8:10 – How do you reconstruct trust?
9:47 – How to design a calculated trust.
11:39 – Looking forward to Step 6

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How To After Reconciliation

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  1. Been separated almost a year from my wife. I was the one that broke the camel’s back to make her leave, but she has managed to do her major love busters while we have been apart. We are talking about her moving back, but we are both scared to death about living together again. Distance has been safety to some extent.

  2. I’m 42, a christian who reads my bible, love women, not married, but have many trust issues from life in general. My qyestion as a single man who is looking for a right relatiinship in this terrible culture, is, if I did get married to a good woman, whi did make a terrible mistake and cheat, why SHOULD I reconcile. I’m really struggling with this idea. Thank you.

    1. You don’t have to take her back life shouldn’t be lived with people you don’t trust. It’s too much stress. I say make sue you have all your assets in your moms name or a trust that she can’t touch before marriage at lest you will know she can’t get them if she becomes disloyal and untrustworthy that you have to go the divorce route

    2. @The Scoop What a tough thing this life is. Some of us can’t seem to win either way we go. Thank God He is always true..

  3. once you understands what limerence is and the chemicals in the body how they work you can understand her more .empathy. a good spouse who made a mistake is worth saving. marriage helper is forever keep learning in good and bad times it will help y’all avoid and detect anything that is harmful for you and the marriage.

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