How To Forgive A Cheating Spouse

Your partner cheated on you, and you've chosen that you wish to forgive your spouse. And now you find it's a lot harder to do than you thought it was going to be. Exists a way to do it? Yes, we'll explain that to you on this episode of Relationship Radio.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – The results of forgiveness on physiology.
1:25 – Why forgiveness is a decision-based forgiveness.
2:58 – Making a decision not to take vengeance.
4:09 – How vengeance changes your beliefs and value systems.
5:51 – Decide that your spouse is not wicked.
8:12 – Preventing responsibility and preventing blame.
10:02 – The importance of forgiveness in reconciliation.

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A Cheating Spouse

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  1. you can forgive and even if they make amends, you’re never going to forget, no matter how much inventory you write down

    1. If you give it to Jesus & put your marriage in Jesus hands he can restore your marriage if you have faith.

    2. I agree. You will never forget.

      But with Jesus’s Grace, you can live with this memories.

      In peace.

  2. I have offered forgiveness. But forgiveness requires repentance to have any effect. I told her i forgave her for the lies and hiding of things and all the rest, but if she doesn’t stop doing it theres nothing i can do.

  3. I just found out about the second cheating event with another nameless stranger. I packed his stuff for him. I’m over it but he won’t go. I’m done. I gave him an ultimatum with a whole host of things I want to reestablish trust. Including turning on his location and he still hasn’t done it. We will talk tonight. I’m seriously done. I deserve better and more respect. I don’t think he is bad but he obviously has a problem with his morals and values and they don’t align with mine.

    1. It’s an honesty and selfishness issue with him. You’re right, you deserve better. Still acknowledge your hurt and then forgive. For YOU.

  4. I have no needs for vengeance. I’m better than that and that is giving the situation more energy than it deserves.

  5. Well you didn’t tell us how. I have no need to forgive. To forgive they have to be sorry and I’m not going to beg for that. I’ve let it go. This sure is some Pollyanna non-advice …all fluff with no substance.

    1. They don’t have to be sorry for you to forgive them. Forgiveness is for you, just like he said.

  6. I pray to the Lord to help me see my husband through His eyes and help me love him the way the Lord loves him. I’m extending Grace daily.

  7. I think that someone who repeats the behavior over and over even though they know how hurtful their behavior is, is a evil person

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