How To Confront A Spouse Who’s Having An Emotional Affair

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How To Confront A Spouse Who's Having An

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    1. “Just friends – we’re just friends, I swear! I even make sure we’re never alone at work together to cover my bum so no one gets the wrong idea…” (because they’re alone “at lunch” together. A lot. And come back glowing or giddy.)

      An emotional affair often preceded a physical one.

      It’s like a “work wife” or somebody who is a platonic relationship, but you are so close with they begin knowing all about your life outside of work, your family problems..issues with your spouse, etc. they are kind, understanding, and “get you” in a way your spouse doesn’t and while it hasn’t necessarily turned romantically physical yet, a flirtation has probably developed. A close knit friendship that feels to the spouse in it like a privileged one.

  1. There should be no “privacy boundary” in marriage. If there is material on your phone, ipad, computer that you don’t want your spouse to see you’re doing marriage wrong. I can hand my wife my phone anytime and know there’s no potential problem there. And I need to know that the same is true for her phone as well.

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