How To Communicate Effectively With Your Partner

How do you interact in a manner that your partner will actually hear you? Individuals want out of a since they don't seem like, loved or appreciated. So how can we interact in a way that shows our partner we like and regard them?

In today's episode of Relationship Radio, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes describe the psychology behind communicating in a manner that your spouse will comprehend you and wish to listen.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 The Secret To Interaction
3:44 How Needs To Acceptance Be Revealed
5:45 Accepting VS Endorsing VS Motivating
7:50 The KEY To
8:31 Genuine Example Of Approval
10:26 How To Accept Disagree In
13:14 Secret Takeaways

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How To Communicate Effectively With Your Partner

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  1. I love your advice and agree and your political example of arguing the issue without attacking the individual is key. And I found that to be the case when I argue with Moderate Liberals, but the farther Left someone’s beliefs, the more they believe their beliefs are a part of who they are and view my attacking the issues as simultaneously attacking them. Then the slurs start flying from their mouth at me. When that occurs, I immediately point out that I never attacked them or called them names and the fact they had to resort to the slurs only proves I am winning the argument. You should see their reactions when I do that. They either get super quiet because they don’t know what to do or they go completely berserk and repeat the slurs at which point I walk away.

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