How Long Does Limerence Last? – Relationship Expert Answers Your Questions

In this episode, we respond to concerns from our listeners relating to . is a state of intense infatuation and yearning for another individual.

One listener asks for how long limerence usually lasts, and we explain that it can vary from 3 months to 48 months, with a lot of cases lasting around two years. While it's possible for limerence to last longer, it's quite unusual. We likewise discuss a case where a listener's other half had a psychological with a colleague, but it didn't turn sexual. The listener asks if her spouse's friendship with the colleague could still be thought about limerence, however our company believe it's not likely to have actually lasted for 12 years. Another listener asks how to start trusting her husband once again after an , and we advise constructing computed trust to restore the relationship.

Ultimately, comprehending the stages of limerence can assist people navigate complicated emotional circumstances in relationships. Dive into this episode with us to get more information!

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– Relationship Expert Answers Your Questions

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  1. Dr.Joe my husband met up with lady friend from 40 years. She was married her husband divorced her. They are living together. She threw out my things and bad mouthing me. He don’t want to sign for our devorce.

  2. My husband has been in limerince since 2017. The individual has been out of state since 2020. He still stalks her and stares at her picture on FB frequently. Should I apply to the Guinness book of World Records…

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