How FORGIVENESS Can Help Rescue Your Marriage

If you're attempting to rescue your marital relationship and return to the you utilized to have, or even make it better than previously, you may feel stuck. That's why we have actually produced the 7 Steps to Rescue Your Marital Relationship (And Yourself.) In the previous episode, we walked through the first 3 steps of this process, and today we stroll through Step 4 … Forgiving and Reconciling

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introduction to today's episode.
1:27 – The second part of the 4th step.
2:22 – Forgiveness is a vital part of reconciliation.
4:44 – How forgiving sets you totally free.
7:55 – What does it take to fix up?
8:56 – Exploring Reconciliation.
11:37 – Steps to assist you heal.
14:01 – The value of the first 4 actions to reconciliation.
16:32 – The procedure of reconciling.

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How FORGIVENESS Can Help Rescue Your Marriage

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  1. Forgive if someone is living with you. That means the person will do the same thing over and over

  2. Great content as always. I’m very thankful for what you all are doing for so many. God bless.

  3. I’m giving up on life because I don’t have money to save my marriage I don’t have anything I’m in another state where I don’t know anybody I just want my family or ending everything I do mean everything

    1. Don’t give up. I’m not gonna give some “I saved my marriage” story but what I have is hope. You are worth every second you are alive. You are good enough. You have to believe that because it’s true no matter what others think, say, or do. Do not give up. You can save your marriage without money.

  4. What does forgiveness look like from a day to day basis. How do we ourselves know for certain that we have forgiven a spouse? It’s one thing to say I forgive but a totally separate thing to actually forgive. Can we fake it till we make it? Forcing oneself to be kind civil and generous with no malice in the heart? Until it becomes a reality. Can faking it with an intentional eye for the future of the peace that comes from forgiving actually take place? Can one forgive and just turn a leaf and it is done? This I feel, is a fair question of questions!

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