How Divorce Affects More Than Just Your Marriage

Are you going through a divorce or know somebody who is? In this video, we explore how divorce affects more than just your .

Initially, we take a look at how divorce can impact your beliefs and worths, particularly your views on marital relationship. Is it something you still think in, or has your divorce altered your viewpoint? We also talk about the difference between believing that you can which you need to get married once again.

Next, we explore the concern of fatherlessness that can result from divorce. What are the consequences of a daddy's lack, and how does it effect children?

We likewise look at how divorce impacts an individual's good friends and future . Are your affected, and how does it change your life?

If you're a single mother going through a divorce, we provide some hope and support for you. And if you know someone going through a divorce, we discuss ways you can assist them conserve their marital relationship.

Divorce is a tough and emotional process, however it doesn't have to specify your future. Join us in this conversation on how to navigate the impacts of divorce on your life and relationships.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:00 – How does divorce affect your beliefs about marital relationship?
2:26 – The difference in between thinking that you can and that you should.
4:20 – How divorce leads to fatherlessness and its effects.
7:00 – The effects of divorce on kids.
8:02 – What hope can we give to the single mother going through a divorce?
10:37 – How does divorce affect a person's good friends and social circle?
12:20 – How does divorce effect future relationships and life?
15:09 – How to help somebody going through a divorce save their .
16:45 – Conclusion.

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How Divorce Affects More Than Just Your Marriage

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  1. So how does that work with a stepmom that gets along with your kid and the Stepmom that wants to divorce the and still want a connection with the

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