How Divorce Affects Children

"People should not stay together for the sake of the kids. The kids are going to be great."

We hear this ALL THE TIME.

Possibly your therapist informed you this.
" Don't worry about the kids, you need to make yourself delighted. Kids are resistant."

But, if we're being truthful, ?

Well, Dr. Joe Beam is among those individuals who did his better half and leave his children, numerous long years earlier. And then Joe and Alice and remarried after three years of being apart.

To this day, Dr. Beam can still see the impact on the children that they had at that time.

Join Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Beam Holmes as they talk about the reality behind how affects children.

0:00 Divorce Affected My Own Children
1:25 How Divorce Can Affect Children
3:12 How Divorce Effects Children's Efficiency In School
4:12 Divorce Boosts Hostile Behaviors In Kid
4:35 Divorce Increases Likelihood Of Sexual Promiscuousness
7:06 Father's Frequently Ends up being Missing After 1 Year
10:48 When Children Mature After Moms And Dads Divorce
11:48 How Staying Married Helps Children Flourish
13:35 Parents Including Children In Divorce Details
15:00 Considerations Prior To Picking Divorce

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