How Can I Improve Intimacy?

Individuals talk a lot about intimacy. However usually when they do, they describe . When we discuss intimacy, we speak about openness, transparency, vulnerability … actually being familiar with the other individual and the other individual understanding you seeing deep within.

Are there tips to be able to accomplish that type of intimacy? Yes. We'll be talking about those on this episode of Relationship Radio.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intimacy is about openness, openness, and vulnerability.
1:06 – Do not simply say whatever concerns your mind.
2:03 – How to tell the honest answer.
3:34 – Why do you want to tell your partner about this?
5:18 – Are you keeping this information from your partner?
6:39 – Tips for enhancing intimacy.
8:12 – Choose a story from your life that affects you.
9:55 – Intimacy with other people.
11:25 – The significance of listening to your spouse's requirements.

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How Can I Improve Intimacy?

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  1. I wish I found you two & MH before all of this happened. Good, strong, and valid advice for the wise.

    1. Absolutely! I’ve followed MH and always recommend them because they are Biblucally baesd, honest, and transparent. Integrity!

  2. The question I have would be: How can you do that when there’s long-standing mental health issues in the relationship, and physical disability, affecting both spouses?

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