Feeling Neglected By My Husband

If you feel as though you are no longer a top priority in your hubbies life, then this is for you. It is very important that we define what kind of overlook we are describing. For this episode, we are speaking about being ignored in the kind of intimacy, absence of , or feeling like you are no longer a top priority.

If you are being neglected in the kind of feeling unsafe, not offered, not fed, or mistreated then you require to call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at this phone number: 800-799-7233

But if you are like one of the millions of females who feel as though your husband does not like you any longer, and you're desperately attempting to get his attention in order to restore intimacy, enthusiasm and have a great , then you need to bear in mind.

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  1. First comment ❤️
    MH is SO incredibly helpful. I owe you all my sanity during this terrible time in my family’s life

  2. I know exactly how it feels. Before we separated, I spent the better part of last few years dealing with my husbands work and constant travel (and how easy it became for him to leave). He never expressed or said a word to me about his feelings-hence why were where we are now. And no I wasn’t meeting his needs because I became hurt and rude and offensive. And no I didn’t communicate my needs-I told him what he wasn’t doing right all the time. Him leaving didn’t tell me anything specific, he’s not still said a word about real specifics. I have taken this opportunity to dive deeply into myself to learn what I didn’t do right and to change. It’s not easy and I’ll say it again-it is unfair that when a man lacks the ability to tell you how he feels and shoves his own feelings down until he explodes-it will always be our job as women to set the tone because we’re far more capable of understanding our feelings and dealing with them. I hate it. And Kimberly is always on the mark with these things, especially for those of us who deal with anxiety and depression long before marriage crisis.

  3. That’s a challenge when a husband says he won’t give you his affection and love because he’s no longer in love with you, but he only wants your intimacy on his terms, but he wont allow you to express your love and affection to him anymore.

  4. If you’re Googling the National Domestic Hotline, remember to do it on incognito mode so your abusive partner won’t track you.

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