Dr. Jordan Peterson Helps a Couple on the Brink of Divorce

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Guests Stacy and Tracey reflect on their joyful beginnings as a couple. Then, they open about the struggles in their marital relationship and why they are nearing . Find out if they're willing to let clinical psychologist intervene.

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Dr. Helps a Couple on the Brink of

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About the Author: Renee Love


    1. Dr Peterson is my mentor…he is halfway around the world..and he is shaking up my wotld.I am implementing his recommendations and talk about progress !I spoke to a friend of mine in her late 70 s and she said if she was in her early 50 s she would go and pusue her Bachelor s and Masters in Education.I am early 50 so i am following the doctor s advice and..GETTING IT DONE

  1. *Jordan Peterson:* Marriage is a struggle
    *Cathy Newman:* So you’re saying women are the reason for why there are so many divorces?

    1. @Brother Vibius cuz men can’t bare to be alone and usually only leave when they have another person lined up.

    2. Device happens 100% of the time because one or both people have not figured out how to stay in a relationship with that other person.

  2. “A good way to tell if you’re being too agreeable is if you begin to become resentful”

    Very true words by Dr. Peterson.

    1. He also mentions in 12 rules for life that when you start planning revenge, that’s when you have to speak up

    1. @Velk
      That’s not quite what he said. He said don’t try to be the winner. And that’s a BIG difference.

  3. 15 year relationship here, together since we were 17 years old. “Arguing towards peace” is spot on. I always tell my girl we need to battle so that the war can end, I am at war with the world I can’t have a long term civil war at home.

    1. Thank you for saying that. I feel the same way about warring with the world and wanting peace at home.

  4. I find it so funny how everyone seems to be talking like they’re on TV except Dr. Peterson. He really treats it like a real session and not a television show

    1. He was locked in from the first second. He mentioned, I think it was on Joe Rogan’s, that he switched to the clinical psychiatrist mode during Cathy Newman’s interview when he sensed what was going on.

    2. But yeah he was basically cracked out on drugs in this segment. The only solace he has is that it played well for the cameras. All of this said, he did and does have a profound effect on my own life.

    3. Just saw and i had the same immediate observation. He spoke to the couple in front of him, and didnt play to the audience watching.

    4. Most people talk to the audience even if they’re appearing to be speaking to the guest. He was speaking to them and only them.

  5. Coming from a divorced parents family, I’ve always been terrified of divorce but at the same time longing for family; in coming to terms with that I’ve come to the conclusion that learning how to have a productive conflict is one of the most important elements.

  6. Peterson in this program seems like a superhero working in a office.. I mean, this is a mainstream program, how would people even understand what he is saying?

    1. @VicariousVictor there is nothing a human can be told through auditory means that will affect change,unless it is as like torture and constant verbal manipulations(propaganda)”torture”

    2. @VicariousVictor well for one thing permission to argue. Too many people think you’re not suppose to argue. A better word would be negotiate fiercely. Lol.

  7. I always love that whatever Jordan talks about you can see his passion…. I’ve listened to complex lectures by him and then this… his passion is palpable… he has such a desire to help n has such integrity .. love him

  8. I can’t stop declaring my love for Jordan Peterson. I wish him good help and long life. What a lovely human being.

  9. You can see her face brighten when Jordan says there are positive things in their relationship. She really wants this still. You can see her get happy and smile as he gives practical steps. And that is so lovely for me to see

  10. This man’s telling the facts. First years of my relationship with my boyfriend was all arguments and disagreements. Now we’re four years in and we rarely argue seriously. We learned to disagree without triggering each other and saying things carefully.

  11. This hits home because, well, all throughout my young adolescents, my parents were alcoholics and they fought all the time, often elevating it to physical aggression.
    After 22 years of marriage and sticking together, they had finally rekindled their relationship and began a long journey of repair. For the first time in 22 years my parent fell in love all over again. Mostly because they stopped drinking so much.
    Then within 6 months, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 liver and lung cancer from his binge of drinking and smoking.
    It took 6 months for my dad’s minor illness to turn into a full blown catastrophe.
    He went into the hospital one day for treatment, and they gave him a grave prognosis. He had 1-3 months to live at the most.
    So he took a small trip 2 1/2 hours away to say his final goodbye to his family before he died.
    While he was away, he started developing fluid in his lungs and a small tumor formed in his airway so he couldn’t expell the fluid.
    My brother called me and I had to drive there while he waited on life support.
    I spent his final moments with him and though he couldn’t talk, we didn’t need words to describe what we felt.
    When I looked at my mom, she was in tears because she had fallen in love all over again but she wasn’t able to live it out with him. She had to accept that they made amends and that they had a strong bond.
    It was beautiful how it all worked out. It was almost like a final apology before he left the world.
    They understood in that moment that falling in love again was the best way to say goodbye.
    My dad shortly flattened afterwords with his family around him, and we all cried, but I think my mom felt more about it, than anyone there.
    No matter where you are in a relationship, it can all be worked out as long as both people are willing to fix it.
    Thanks for reading my story.

    Edit: Thanks to everyone for their kind words. Don’t worry about my family though, we are pretty tough and I didnt set out to upset anyone…I just wanted to share my experience.
    Being the strongest person at your father’s funeral is one of the best things you can do for yourself…take it from me. It was impactful and my family didn’t expect it.

    1. Thanks for sharing my friend, I hope your heart heals and wish you peace/fulfillment the rest of your days.

  12. It’s sweet to see the wife immediately perking up and smiling, cheered up by knowing that there’s something she can do. Really heartwarming

    1. @VJ S maybe they got divorced and got new partners and they are happier than before. Some things aren’t meant to be fixed. I tried 3 years to fix the relationship with my ex girlfriend. Total waste of time and energy

    2. @Hoss it was never a waste of time or energy, you just learned the lesson a little later than you were supposed to. I’m sure you know the lessons you learned, and that’s exactly what you know isn’t good for you and what you don’t want. To me that is more valuable than never trying at all and always wondering what if. One love my friend.

  13. He did something many mental health professionals forget…he started with the genuine positives and you could see the hope light up in their eyes.

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