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  1. That’s a way to manipulate the other person that wants you back. They’ve been traumatized by the person that is cheating.

  2. I have done this very thing, and used SMART contact to not confront my spouse about his affair. He was most sure he didn’t love me and would never return. I am trying not to be a doormat but am very nice to him hoping he will chsnge his mind. I am likely his plan B. What do I do. I have been working on my PIES! He is in counseling and we are currently separated and relating better. He was paranoid about me to begin with and we are relating better, but when I check with my kids, it is clear that he is still seeing his affair partner. He doesn’t push for “benefits” from me but trying to please me by taking good care of my car, and house needs and being more like his old self such that I almost expect him to return home? I am so steady and he knows me so well after 40 years of being married. He knows well that I love him with all my heart!

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