Dealing with a Spouse Who Runs Away in Anger

In this section of Relationship Radio, we answer a concern submitted by a listener who is dealing with her husband's habits of leaving and taking off in anger. Her hubby has actually left her 7 times, including after the birth of their child who remained in the neonatal extensive care unit.

We talk about the concept that anger is based upon discomfort and check out possible reasons that the husband is running away from obligation or situations where he feels he has no control. We recommend looking back into his childhood and upbringing to understand any possible underlying issues.

We also emphasize the value of looking for expert help, particularly Mentally Focused Treatment, for the husband to address his behavior. And for the partner to set solid and consider whether she wishes to continue living in a marriage with somebody who repeatedly deserts her during times of need.

Finally, we worry the importance of safety and looking for aid if essential.

If you're dealing with a similar problem in your relationship, make sure to enjoy this video for practical advice and insights. And don't forget to check out our training program for additional assistance on setting healthy borders in your relationships.

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Dealing with a Spouse Who Runs Away in Anger

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