3 Reasons To Survive Infidelity

What if your world comes crashing down, and you discover your partner is having an ? Does it need to be completion of your , or exists a method to make it through, rebuild, and even thrive post-infidelity? That's what we're discussing in today's heart-wrenching episode, coming to grips with the turbulent journey of surviving an . We share insights drawn from countless marriages we have actually supported, highlighting that infidelity, although a devastating blow, need not indicate completion of a relationship. We'll be assisting you through the process of stepping back, considering your spouse, your children, and the prospective shared future that might still exist.

To influence you, we share the story of Jordan and Priscilla, a couple who, despite the anguish of adultery, chose to fight for their marital relationship and not let one error define their relationship. Their story uses hope, exposing how forgiveness, open interaction, and relentless hard work can heal and rebuild even the most shattered relationships. Additionally, we delve into the vital role that expert assistance and support can play in navigating these treacherous waters. Keep in mind, you are not alone in this struggle, and making it through an affair can lead to an even more powerful bond than before. So, join us in checking out the hard concerns, the raw emotions and the recovery journey after an affair.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – in a marital relationship.
1:30 – Affair effect on marriages and decision-making.
3:13 – Saving marriages after affairs.
4:47 – The impact of on kids and the significance of saving marriages.
6:16 – A reality example

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3 Reasons To Survive Infidelity

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  1. I met my husband,and,he proposed a year after,and we got our marriage blessed by our parents. It was a long distant relationship. We were immediately blessed with two children. All of a sudden everything changed. He got involved with another woman who already had grown children, and has grand children. For almost thirty – two years now,I have been alone with the kids. What should I do? Do you think he will come back?. The other woman has a grown child for him,who is also married with children right now.

  2. When you forgive a cheating spouse, they will always know they got away with it and will not respect you.
    They had their fun while you wallowed in grief and they didn’t care… until the grass stopped being greener.

    Respect yourself.
    The kids will be fine.
    Put the trash on the curb.

    1. This is a very broad generalization that is absolutely not in line with the stories Marriage Helper sees on a regular basis. There is always hope.

  3. Nope. I’m in the “once a cheater, always a cheater.” camp. We often receive what we tolerate. As for me: There’s not a chance of me tolerating this form of abuse. But, hey, to each his own.

  4. My wife cheated to many times and has moved out, and said that she wants a divorce and is waiting for the divorce papers. I hate this. You can forgive all you want. If there’s no change, let them go.

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