10 Things You Need To Hear Before The New Year

On today's episode of Relationship Radio, we're having a look back at 10 of the very best moments of 2023 and packaging them into one video for you to have heading into the new year ❤.

Time Stamps:.
0:00 – Introduction.
0:39 – How To Develop Better Interaction With Your Partner.
3:12 – When Your Partner Feels Like A Roommate.
4:56 – When Is It Time To Let Go?
6:19 – What To Do When Your Spouse Checks Out Mentally.
8:48 – Do THIS First To Save Your Marriage.
11:14 – Why You need toN'T Divorce Your Unfaithful Partner.
14:05 – How Do People Fall In and Out Of ?
16:59 – If You're Fighting with Your Marriage … See This.
20:01 – Is Your Marriage Even Worth Saving?
22:51 – My Spouse Says They Don't Me Anymore.

How To Construct Better Interaction With Your Spouse -.
When Your Partner Seems Like A Roomie -.
When Is It Time To Let Go? -.
What To Do When Your Partner Checks Out Mentally -.
Do THIS First To Conserve Your Marital relationship -.
Why You SHOULDN'T Divorce Your Unfaithful Spouse -.
How Do People Fall In and Out Of Love? -.
If You're Fighting with Your Marital Relationship … See This -.
Is Your Marital Relationship Even Worth Conserving? -.
My Spouse States They Don't Love Me Anymore -.

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10 Things You Need To Hear Before The New Year

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  1. I’ve been doing so many things. I do see results but not enough for him to come back to me. I don’t see myself with anyone else so going to continue with this journey but hoping he will see me and want us to be together again one day.

    1. I’m right there with you. I’ve made my mistakes, and now she has, and I am fighting so hard making real changes, and she just doesn’t want to work with me. I pray your situation will change.

    2. @@EyeOfScrutiny I’ve asked my wife to watch some of these videos and she did. She didn’t have anything to say but I also didn’t pry for how she felt about it. I’ll have her watch this tonight when I home from work.

  2. I love all the video and used a lot of the things provided
    That make me a better man with hope , but my spouse saw it .. still don’t trust on the long run and checked out

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