Wife Wants a Divorce? Avoid These 5 Subconsciously Needy & Toxic Behaviors At All Costs


So your partner wants a out of nowhere, and you are wondering, if my other half desires a , how can I change her mind? If my , what should I do? If my other half wants a divorce so terribly, should I give up?

There are a lot of videos telling you what to do when your other half wants a divorce, how to conserve , and most of them would tell you that the worst thing you can do when your spouse wants a divorce, but I do not, is to avoid doing any clingy, aggressive or desperate things.
Okay– but what does that actually imply? What does NOT doing clingy or desperate things really require precisely? Well, in this video, I am going to reveal you some of the subconsciously poisonous and clingy things that we do when we're considering the concern, "Spouse desires a divorce, now what?"

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? Avoid These 5 Subconsciously Needy & Toxic Behaviors At All Costs

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  1. Love this. Your last few videos have gotten me to the point of meeting up for the first time after three weeks of no contact with my ex partner. The “how right” vs “how long” advice absolutely gave me the strength to get to the point where I get to see the one I love again. She may be single for now but every chance I can get to be or speak with her is worth my time without doubt. Its gonna be a marathon not a sprint but I have the stamina

    1. Happy for you! My ex also told me tonight that he’s gonna see me this thurs or saturday. Been giving him space these days after begging him so much like days ago. It’s working I think!

  2. “This house is in shambles” LOL YOU GOT THAT RIGHT MAN. But theres always progress to be made. Keep your head up yall

  3. Quote of the YEAR!
    Let her know she has the freedom to leave but love her in a way she won’t want to!!

    OMG .. I am soooo close to getting doing this work with you !
    I can’t wait and know it is a priority !

    Thank you again, my friend !

  4. Geoffrey, watching your videos has made my wife come back to me. We had sex but it seems to have complicated things more. What are my next steps?

  5. I’ve watched alot of your vids that are helping alot. That being said my wife and I are seperated and she told me today she has feeling for someone what should I do or do you have a video about that ?

    1. @Geoffrey Setiawan update shes smoking weed now which she never liked . She spend no time with our son but she took time off work to hang out with the new guy and posted pictures of the good time on Facebook. I feel like its all a show just to show everyone and me that she’s happy and moved on. Im happy on my own I have my son 5 days a week ive made friends I stopped drinking and now have a good job good friends im working on bettering myself for my son and my self not in hopes we get back together. But my concern is she doing the same thing she did after her mother passed and after her first divorse I just don’t know what to do and I dont want to see her this way I want her to have a relationship with our son and truly be happy. Anthing helps thank you

  6. This is spot on my situation! Your knowledge on this subject is astonishing! It’s clear to see your intentions are sincere. I’ve watched abt 20 videos, & every single one has been impactful. Excited for our 5step class tomorrow!

  7. I’ve consumed a lot of good marriage skills material, especially from John Gottman and Esther Perel. They are amazing. However, your videos have been revelatory for me in terms of applying the knowledge I’ve had for so long and building it into actual skills. Great stuff man

  8. Give your partner enough freedom & empowerment so that they can leave.

    But you want to treat them well enough so they won’t want to leave.

    – amazing thoughts!

    1. Glad that resonates with you — this applies to literally every aspect of life (e.g. how I treat my employees too :))

  9. Geoff, no disrespect but you literally went all around the world in this video just to still come to the same conclusion. This marriage thing is Chess and I get that. But it’s not about doing things because you want your wife back it’s about doing making permanent changes that will last and if she’s digging them and wants to come back fine and if not then that’s fine too. I’ll keep improving myself regardless.

  10. Great insight! Especially about being like a parasite and that type of behaviour, coming from a genuine place….you’re doing Gods work with these videos. Thank you.

  11. Ahh man i came here broken heart and brokeb bone due to the high stress and panic attact in a car accident. but you open my heart and eyes god bless you!

  12. What if she’s talking to another man? It’s so hard to show her I’m improving when she’s has someone telling her she’s beautiful and I don’t deserve her. We still live together but only because we have kids

    1. Hi Norm, Regardless of her situation, once you start to show the best version of yourself consistently… She will definitely notice. Just keep growing and you will eventually re-attract her.

  13. This was very insightful again, thank you for sharing your brilliant content! It appears to me thoug that there may be an unresolved paradox in this type of very diffused mindset which is that to truly “rebuild the house” (and not just make it all a very “real looking” strategy) the foundamental step is to understand and accept that emotional need is real as much as the need for food or air, so wanting to hide the need under the “empowered will costume” is to hide an unresolved fear of commitment – it appears that moving one’s own internal state “from need to want” is what happens but that’s a cover perception, what happens is that the object of need gets replaced (the need for emotional connection gets satisfied in more indirect ways like friendship or status for instance), the emotional expectations weight perceived by the partner gets lifted and the story we tell is that “our internal state shifted from need to want” but it’s a bias that covers up the fact that we didn’t actually resolved the issue of mutual emotional accountability in the relationship.
    Thank you again, see you at your masterclass! (:

  14. I’ve been watching your videos, and you’re definitely doing this right. Keep up the good work.

    Even if I can’t repair my marriage and steer this ship from the rocks, these videos will be beneficial to me.

    Thank you.

  15. True freedom! Wow so insightful that really resonates with me. It takes tremendous strength to face and overcome whatever comes your way.

  16. Hey Geoffrey In an attempt to get my partner back I’ve done a lot of these toxic activities she’s still talking to me but should I apologize to show her I realized those actions were wrong?

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