The Big 3 Important Things in Marriage | Paul Friedman

The huge 3 important things in marital relationship.

, creator of The Marital relationship Foundation speaks about the big 3 crucial things in marital relationship and after that provides genuinely useful marital knowledge. We rejuvenate marriages that the majority of "specialists" believe is beyond saving. We scientifically guide you to the love and pleasure you rightfully anticipated when you said, "I do".

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  1. Paul’s wisdom has done so much for me. I am learning how to love unconditionally, making every thought, action, and deed infused with love for all. I’m also striving to control my thoughts to be happy all the time, which he advises. My joy in life has skyrocketed unbelievably. There is no better source for learning how to love unconditionally than The Marriage Foundation. And it doesn’t even matter if the world doesn’t love us; we can love it and everyone in it with deep, beautiful unconditional love.

  2. 1. For men, sex with a wife is a basic need. For women, sex with anyone is a weapon.
    2. Men communicate to solve problems and help their families. Women communicate to tell men about the little mistakes in their accomplishments in life.
    3. Men love selflessly. Women love conditionally awaiting for the next instance of hypergamy.

  3. I love your videos , but to analyze sex in the way you convey it , I think can actually be totally counter productive , I have seen a lot of people “moralize” sex within even marriage , yes it very true it’s an expression of our love for each other , but making each other feel good , Euphoric , and yes we release many “feel good” endorphins in our body from our brains that we were created with ,

    I think the Song of Solomon , greatly describes how Solomon worshipped , and appreciated the Queen of Sheeba’s body , and he was just so enamored with her , it was a healthy “passion”

    amongst many other verses : the below is so beautiful

    “You have dove’s eyes behind your veil. Your hair is like a flock of goats, Going down from Mount Gilead. Your teeth are like a flock of shorn sheep Which have come up from the washing, Every one of which bears twins, And none is barren among them. Your lips are like a strand of scarlet, And your mouth is lovely”

    all being said , Sex is meant to be FULLY enjoyed , and full enraptured with your spouses body, and if your enraptured with their souls , the sex will never die , keep up the good work Paul 🙂

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