Save Your Marriage – तलाक से बचें – Avoid Divorce – Monica Gupta

How to Save Your Marriage – से कैसे बचें – How to

Save Your Marriage – से बचें – – Monica Gupta

Stop Divorce – How to Stop Divorce – How to Save Marriage from Divorce

– How to Avoid Divorce in Hindi

How to Avoid Divorce and Save Your Marriage – How to Stop Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Husband Wife Relationship Problems – Husband Wife Relationship Problems Solutions

Husband Wife Relationship in Hindi – Husband Wife Relationship Tips

Husband Wife Relationship Tips in Hindi – मोनिका गुप्ता – Monica Gupta Videos


Avoid Divorce and Save Your Marriage

तलाक से बचने के लिए क्या करें… Divorce ko kaise roke…

How to Save Your Marriage And Stop Divorce…

तलाक से बचने के उपाय – Talaq Se Bachne Ke Upay…

How to stop a divorce you don't want…

तलाक़ की स्थिति को कैसे टालें…

In this video you will see how to avoid divorce… here are 5 tips given in this video to avoid divorce…

पति शेर बनकर रहेंगे तो पत्नी भी दुर्गा बन कर रहेंगी

पर अगर पति नारायण बन कर रहेंगे तो पत्नी भी लक्ष्मी बन कर साथ निभाएगीं

इगो को निकाल दीजिए

इज्जत और मान सम्मान दीजिए

हम तो छोटे हैं अदब से सर झुका लेंगे

पर बड़े ये तय कर लें कि उनमें बड़प्पन कितना है

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Save Your Marriage – तलाक से बचें – Avoid Divorce – Monica Gupta

Save My Marriage
Save My Marriage Today!

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  1. Thank you madam I heard this video I am also facing the same problem but I don’t want divorce I am trying mywife to explain but she is not listening and we have one small 7 years kid I love them both she cheated me by having affaìr with one boy then also I trying to avoid but still she is not ready pls prayer for me and my son thank you

    1. जी। कई बार ऐसी परिस्थिति आ जाती है हमारे सामने। आप हिम्मत रखिए।

    2. Pankaj Dave pls tell …me what u have done to save the relationship as m also facing the same problem means here problems are different but what u did pls tell me

    3. Hii pankaj ur wife is so lucky ki use tum jaisa husband mila hain uski galati hote hua bhi reln bachana chahate ho

  2. Mam english writer ke liye kuch tips bataye please
    I want that you make a video for new English writers. How can they improve their writing skill….. Many more questions are perplexing me….so please reply mam

  3. First thrust
    Respect each other
    Try t understand each other
    Love is life
    Need to aware men and women
    How they should prepare for the needs of each other
    Respect the family
    Include both sides……

  4. Respected madam, very nice vidio mem I think husband wife ko apna rishta puri imaandaari I saath nibhana chahiye agar wife ko husband k dil me jagah banani he to pehle use husband k parents ko khush rakhna padega….. or husband ki taraf se bhi wahi baat lagu hoti he wo patni k parents ko or use respecte de use samjhe or inhe samay de. Maii mem k vidio ko or unki ray ko follow karti hu unke bataye anusaar chalti hu to ab parivaar me kaafi cheej sudhar hai he .. nahi to meri family bohot jyada strict thi mere vyavhaar se thodi to narmi as gai he inke dilon me… thanks to lot mem

  5. Monica ji apki videos dekhte dekhte main itni positive hogai Hun ki Jeevan ki kayi pareshaniyan ab asaan lagne lagi hain.Thank you so much!Ye video aj ki generation k liye bhut zaruri h jinhe divorce hi solution lagta hai .!

  6. Hello mam, thanks for being an angel in lives of people. Please give me advice, i m relationship with a guy from my caste itself for 8 years now n now thinga arent working bcz of my anger. I am redponsible for it. I want him back. How should I bring him back i really love him N I am working on my anger control. Please advice

    1. आप एक बार उनसे मिलिए और बात कीजिए… अच्छी बात ये है कि आपने अपनी गलती मान ली है… आमतौर हम जल्दी से नही मानते.. !! अगर वो आपको मानते हैं जरुर आप पर विश्वास करेंगें…

  7. marital conselling is lacking … and if the girl or the girl’s family are egomaniacs then 498a completely ruins the relationship

  8. Hello mam
    I m step mom in relationship
    I have to handle 10 yr aggressive and rude and rigid girl and she always seek her role in every situation moreover in every adult situation his father seeks her approval means not talking to her as child but as adult mother role is absent and noone makes her u nderstand my relationship with her

    1. कितना समय हो गया आपकी शादी को?? आप संयम रखिए.. आप तो समझदार है उस बच्ची ने अपनी मां को खोया है वो प्यार आप ही दे सकती हैं बस संयम रखिए… आप भी उनसे कुछ बातों में सलाह लीजिए पहले अपना बनाईए फिर सही गलत के बारे में बताईए…

    2. As you say parents are wrong Kidd’s just follow
      In my case if I say to dautr to have bath on holiday she replies I will not and if I say again strctly say have bath his father took her side and she start hitting her father to seek father attention and on the contrary My son 5yrs old father strictly talk to him whenever he demands toys Every time father puts her wishes priority than my son like she always sits at front ceat with father while driving.

    3. Means dauter is like honeybee if I say anything good for her she upfront decline and talk rudely and father think I does wrong to her then on opposite side if I stop pushing her doing something then father thought I m not loving and caring her.

  9. This video is only helpful when it is seen by both and they equally understand it. If one person keeps on doing these things but other person is just ignorant, you cannot save your marriage. It is like a cycle, both tyres need to be in equal otherwise the cycle will keep dwindling. But in Indian society man is too high on an ego to understand the basic concept of equality and relationship

    1. I m one such woman who from last 6 years have been trying to balance out things. But all efforts went in vain. I have a child of 5 years. It’s been more than an year I m living with my parents.. I think the person who does not have a soft corner for the child, how can he just have emotions for anything in this world. I just see so many couples around longing for child. And here when there is a child and family, but that person has no value. I can feel the question my child has, the eyes which when sees other Children with parents are Moist. The blank look that comes when somebody asks about father. And that shameless creature is just having fun in his life.

    2. कोई बात नही.. आपने जो कदम उठाया सोच समझ कर ही उठाया होगा पर अब आप बात को मन में भी नही रखिए.. आप खुद को बिजी रखिए और बच्चे को अच्छा भविष्य दीजिए… !! जो बीत गया उसे भूल जाईए…

  10. My husband, for so many days , is not talking with me .its being 2 mnths . I hv asked so many times, but he never responds.. please tell me what should I do?
    Please reply mam.

  11. Thank you mam,but if the men shows their superiority always then how a women can survive being a ambitious women

  12. Mostly jo problems hoti h jadatar cases m in laws k jarurat s jada involvement ki vjh s hoti h …..jadatar log mere bat s resonate karenge ….

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