Question To Our TMF Marriage Counselors #3: Is It Hopeless? | Paul Friedman

I've been married to my hubby for 20 years. In the last 9 months he has dramatically altered. He informed me he feels no connection to me or our 4 kids. He even went on a very mysterious cross country journey by himself. Naturally I presume an affair, however he rejects it. He's been extremely mean and detached. He literally will neglect me and can enter into fits of rage in a 2nd. I have caught him in small lies. He's became incredibly selfish and is investing ridiculous quantities of cash on himself. He's really hot and cold with me. One day he likes me, the next he does not wish to be with me. He pays almost zero attention to our children. He's on his phone continuously. The changes came on so unexpectedly that I literally believed he had a brain growth or something. He was very quickly treated for depression, however then insisted he wasn't depressed and stopped treatment. I'm at my wits end. I'm damaged and extremely hurt. We started and he went to 2. I have actually continued for the last 17 weeks. My counselor insists that I must leave him, that he will never change … However in spite of whatever he has actually stated, and done to me … I still wish to keep my household together, and I still have love for him. Is this a waste of my time? A lost cause?

, creator of The Marital relationship Structure speaks about a question to therapists, "Is it helpless?" and then offers really useful marital knowledge. We rejuvenate marriages that most "specialists" believe is beyond conserving. We clinically assist you to the love and pleasure you truly anticipated when you stated, "I do".

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Question To Our TMF Counselors #3: Is It Hopeless? |

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