My Spouse Is Not In Love With Me | Paul Friedman

My partner is not in love with me.

, founder of The Marital relationship Structure discusses a is not in love with you and after that provides really helpful marital understanding. We revitalize marriages that many "specialists" believe is beyond conserving. We scientifically assist you to the love and delight you truly anticipated when you said, "I do".

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My Is Not In Love With Me |

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  1. This video hurt to watch. I wish I had found you sooner and woken up to what was happening in my marriage. Now we’ve been separated a year and my husband says he’s not in love with me, wants divorce and found someone else to spend time with. I am devastated.
    I’ve done a lot wrong since we separated and damaged things to point of no return. He is uninterested in our marriage at all.

    1. We live to learn to love, unconditionally. Some go too far off the right way to recover for that relationship but still we should always remember God knows all and will help you regain when you make the right effort…the RIGHT effort, that is important to keep in mind. Intention is nothing without proper effort.

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