My Husband Doesn’t Meet My Needs | Paul Friedman

My partner doesn't satisfy my requirements.

, founder of The Marital relationship Foundation discusses my husband does not satisfy my requirements and after that uses really useful marital understanding. We rejuvenate marriages that many "professionals" believe is beyond saving. We clinically guide you to the love and delight you rightfully expected when you said, "I do".

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My Husband Doesn’t Meet My Needs |

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About the Author: Renee Love


  1. He knows he doesn’t meet my needs and is ok with that and now I am currently weighing the pros vs the cons of divorce. The disrespect I’ve been shown lately has pushed me to a breaking point

  2. Wife says she doesn’t trust me and the change she sees is me is not real and is not real change and she’s scared I’m going to hurt her again and she doesn’t to take that plunge again. We have two kids. I cheated but she didn’t want to sleep with me, what did she expect?!! Now I’m the bad guy because I found another way to meet my needs that she was supposed to. But instead she would push me away, and it started to feel awkward to even approach her for sex or the guilt/burden to have to ask for sex. She didn’t have the time or will to have sex with me but had the energy and time to be an investigator to find all the texts and calls.

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