Is There a Way How to Find Peace For a Marriage in Turmoil? | Paul Friedman

Is there a way ?

Yes, there is and the answer is so easy. I'm going to provide you the basic answer then we're going to get into it and I get to make a longer video and you get to get some information that you actually need because most of what we find out on the planet about is just plain incorrect. I hate to say it. I was a mediator that was over 22 years back. I found the reality about . You can too. You must go to our site where you could get so much we have a lot of totally free offerings. We have a lot of budget-friendly offerings however what about this marital relationship that you have that's in turmoil. I mean plainly what you want to do is eliminate the turmoil and you can say, "Well I can't because blah blah."

I'm going to tell you something here that is the fact. External turmoil does not have to create individual, specific turmoil nor could it or needs to it develop marital turmoil. Those turmoils that are on the outdoors you have no control over. If there's a huge storm coming and things are flying occasionally all over the place. You can't do anything. It's creating turmoil however if you're serene if you remain in a calm state that outer turmoil ends up being home entertainment.

One time I was flying with a buddy of mine. We were flying between the islands of Hawaii and in those days I had a business where I had farms in Hawaii and in the United States and he was one of my managers and we were flying. I don't remember it may have been from Oahu to Maui or the other method around and we're flying. It was good and all of a sudden the airplane began falling like a rock and Richard is like grasping the seat. He's so filled with worry and he looks over at me. I'm not boasting or anything however I've always been calm because I began practicing meditation in 1972. And I was smiling and he goes, "aren't you afraid?" I stated, "of going home perhaps, we're going house." What occurred was this circumstance was exactly the same for both people however he saw it as imminent death and for him, fear of death is big for most people.

I'm not afraid of death therefore for me, it was just a shift from life to death. No huge offer. We have actually probably done it millions of times. We don't understand the full scope of production. Therefore, my viewpoint did not absorb the chaos that was going on the outside so when I speak about this, I'm not being theoretical. I have control over my mind and you can have control over your mind too in order to not enable outer conditions to interrupt your peace and further to disturb your happiness.

Do you understand you got wed in order to enjoy, didn't you?

We all do. The majority of us never considered that. We fell in love and we found our soulmate fell in love and got married due to the fact that we want to be with him or her for the rest of our life, and we don't understand that the reason that is since we want that happiness. Happiness is actually the goal of everyone. We're humans is our goal as human beings is to be pleased and we also know human beings that the greatest method order for us to be happy is to feel love. Those are the reasons we get married, happiness and love. They're partners and the turmoil originates from outer things might be inside the marital relationship where your spouse or your other half is berating you or teasing you or there are problems with the kids or whatever and you're taking it on forgetting what you are. You're a soul. It's not religious, you're a soul, true love. Soul makes sense, you're a soul. You have a body. You, you're not the body you know that and you're not your mind either you have a mind but we're not taught these things and it's important to understand these things in order to have a joy-filled marriage.


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