How To Stop Your Divorce From Happening – Divorce Prevention Guide

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Hey there again, YouTube! My name is and I'm a relationship coach and specialist. And this video is going to be for the couples out there. In this video, I'm going to give you some pointers on how you can fix your marital relationship and ideally stop a prospective from taking place. However like with any subject this tremendous, there's no chance I can cover everything there is to understand about repairing your . If you do wish to see a more thorough video, then I highly suggest you go to Divorce to see a longer video on this specific topic. So without wasting too much more time here, let's jump right into this. So once upon a time, you and your spouse were deeply in love and whatever was fantastic. But in time, whether it be weeks, months or years, the bickering and arguing ended up being more frequent. You spent more time apart. The passion and romance subsided. And when one partner got fed up and announced his/her intent to leave, the earth began to shake … and then you began to wonder, exists any method to stop this from taking place? The answer to this extremely complex concern can never be a conclusive "yes" or "no". Nevertheless, there are things that you can do today to ensure that you enhance your possibility of re-sparking that enjoy and chemistry you 2 once had. And like with all my videos, if you do have any questions, do not hesitate to comment listed below and ask me. I do my finest to return to everyone! So step top– repairing your marital relationship is going to need to start with working on yourself. No matter what your partner desires, getting back to the point of joy is going to have to begin with YOU. At this moment in time, it is among the only things that you can completely manage. So if you wish to begin taking your down the ideal course, you're going to have to make a real effort to force yourself to stay positive. Don't plead or plead with your partner, do not snap and snap, and don't blame him or her. Doing these things will only even more set you back. So rather of harnessing all that negative energy, do your best to stay pleasant and favorable. Be an enjoyable person to be around and your spouse will appreciate this. Do not be afraid display random gestures of kindness around your partner too– make him or her dinner, purchase a small present, or simply give your partner a massage. Small gestures can go a long way. Step number two– don't play the victim. During dispute, it's natural to attempt and make your partner feel guilty, but it's been proven that this will simply make your partner depressed. Instead, of sensation sorry for yourself, attempt and feel proud. Inform yourself about all the favorable qualities that your partner gives the marital relationship and value it. Don't state you appreciate these qualities, but reveal your appreciation. For example, if your spouse helped you repair your laptop computer, you might reveal gratitude by making him or her their favourite meal. Let your actions speak louder than words.

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How To Stop Your Divorce From Happening – Guide

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  1. Awesome advice! This is a very effective video with some tremendous tips to rekindle the flame and to save your marriage!

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  2. My wife left been gone since October and got serious with a man pretty much straight away. I made part progress at Xmas with reconnecting then made the mistake of begging her back after she got cold feet. Now she is ‘all in’ with the other man, time to give up?

  3. I am 11 and my parents are in a fight right know, my mom is at the 2 floor and my dad is with me. What should I do to stop this fight?

    1. Hyun Racehl a few minutes ago my parents were in a fight my brother is the same age as you but i am a couple of years older and they almost did get a divorce but now i am not suprised if they do

  4. My wife told me after 20 years she’s done trying. I have started a whole self realization on myself. Going to a therapist, praying, doing more around the house, spending more time with our kids, being more pleasant. She says all of this is making her sick. The nicey nicey stuf. I asked why and she said why didn’t you do it before? I told her because I was a fool. Do I keep doing it, it makes me feel better being this way instead of angry all the time. It’s hard but I am committed. Bit I don’t want to make things worse. Help.

    1. May Atchley I’m sorry I know it’s been a year since you replied, I just wanted to know if you and your husband are together .? Did praying and being strong and kind worked

  5. Me and my husband have been married for 12 years and I love him a lot but throughout the years I have hurt I’m and broke his trust. So this last year I told him I wanted a separation so that I could fix myself and so that he could fix his self . I told him I had fallen out of love with him (which I didn’t) I just needed space to fix myself to be the wife he needed me to be (big mistake) well I noticed that he wasn’t taking any steps to fix his self so I filed for divorce thinking that would kick him in to gear another mistake. now we are in a process of divorce and he hates me I was just trying to fix us and I made things worse he says he no longer loves me and doesn’t want anything to do with my !!! I’m freaking out I love him and don’t want to lose him I want to show him I changed and at this point I don’t even care if he changes!! he says he needs space to find hisself but I don’t know how to give him that space and I feel that he will leave me if I give to much space.

  6. My wife announced that after 7 years of marriage, she wants a divorce. This was August 24th when she mentioned this. Our whole relationship,I’ve always been the one who has problems with infidelity. She’s gotten the paperwork printed out and in the closet, and we’re still staying together. She gave me another chance a few months ago after seeing me text other women on social media. I’ve since then deactivated allof my social media,and was really focusing on doing what’s right for my family to stay together. She logged back in and found that I’ve blocked a woman that I vowed to not get back in contact with. I did so while we were separated. I don’t blame her at all for wanting a divorce, but, I don’t want to lose her because this time that she’s asking, which isn’t the first, that this may be on its way to really happening. I can’t take back anything that I’ve done, and I’m apologized, and I know that’s not enough. She had her heart set on this, and I don’t want to lose her. Is there any way to save my marriage and gain her heart and trust back?

  7. My wife wants to file for divorce and I am wondering should I just sign the petition to file and just get over with , what should I do lisa

  8. my wife and I are seperated and she says she wants a divorce. we are still going to counselling. she chooses only to focus on our son and his needs and she says I withdraw and don’t want to be a part of the family. since we have seperated I have sought help for my depression and anxiety issues I am trying my hardest not to seem desperate and resorting to begging. I know she is hiding her true feelings from showing please help.

  9. My wife of 4 year’s just left me last week and in a counseling session she stated she is done and wants a divorce. She states that she doesn’t want to try a second chance because it would be good for a couple of months but go back to how it was before. I want to work it out with her. She also is coming to get her stuff this weekend

  10. My wife is serving paperwork by the end of the week. What can I do so save my marriage for my son and I. I love my wife and I absolutely dont want to lose her. Help!!!

  11. After 18 years my husband said out of the blue he asked for a divorce and within 3 days he filed. That has been almost 2 months. Court date coming up next week. At this point I dont think any of these things will save our marriage. I just keep praying.

  12. Please get back to me I love her so much I am suffering so much 27 years it’s killing me literally killing me she has signed the divorce papers I signed it under sufferance is I love her so much she doesn’t realise it I’m hurting that bad no one to talk to 27 years no one realises how much heartache I’m going through at the moment I do absolutely I died for her

    1. I got my ex husband back with the help of someone who was able to help me bring back my ex husband back to me and he save and solve my relationship problem❤❤❤❤


  14. What do you do if she lost feelings ? I have a 3 year old and I want my family back !! She was cheating on me but I’m willing to forgive her !

  15. I love how every “expert” says not to get upset. So basically stuff it down? Until you get the skills to communicate better? What about when you’ve already had that slug fest? These are so frustrating.

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