How to Save Your Marriage (Follow These CRUCIAL Tips to Prevent Divorce)

Learn My Leading Marriage-Saving Tips & Techniques!
In this video, marriage coach (aka The Marital relationship Guy) covers the most crucial steps to conserve your marital relationship. It doesn't matter if your partner states they wanted to get a or separation, learning this vital tips will definitely help in saving your marriage today.

Also, I review my Conflict Defusing System which is developed to assist you and your spouse have much better arguments. You'll learn key strategies to manage differences with your partner, consisting of 4 particular things you can do to prevent dispute from damaging your marital relationship or leading to .

Then, I dive in to 4 essential rules you definitely MUST keep in mind if your partner wants a divorce … these 4 things are vital to or divorce and keeping your marital relationship alive and healthy.

Lastly, I speak about a common problem in numerous marital relationships: complacency. I provide 5 crucial ideas to avoid your marriage from withering or dull, which will keep your marriage fascinating for both you and your partner.

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0:00 – Invite/ Intro.
2:05 – Big Marital Mistake # 1.
3:23 – Big Marital Error # 2.
4:41 – Huge Marital Error # 3.
5:27 – Big Marital Mistake # 4.
5:58 – Big Marital Error # 5.
7:44 – Managing Arguments With Your Ex.
8:55 – Dispute Defusing Technique # 1.
10:18 – Conflict Defusing Strategy # 2.
11:28 – Conflict Defusing Strategy # 3.
12:24 – Disagreement Defusing Strategy # 4.
14:20 – Divorce Avoidance Rule # 1.
14:51 – Divorce Avoidance Guideline # 2.
15:55 – Divorce Avoidance Guideline # 3.
16:34 – Rule # 4.
17:25 – Avoiding Complacency.






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(Follow These CRUCIAL Tips to Prevent Divorce)

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Save My Marriage Today!

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  1. We still live together and share a bed but she told me she doesn’t love me but cares for me and wants to give it time and to see if things can get back to where they were should I keep fighting for it or let her go

    1. Thanks for the question! Despite what you might think, a huge percentage of couples go through this rough period. What you need to do right now is give her the space needed but also let her know that you’re more than willing to work on things. Don’t pressure her into anything, but allow her to make a list of concerns she thinks you both have and then working through them one by one.

    2. @The Marriage Guy when you say space. How much is to much space should I not txt her or anything till she makes contact first?

    3. @DAVE WRIGHT:Do you really want to live with your friend?
      Let her go! Ultimately, she will be seeking intimacy outside of the marriage if she hasn’t already. I shared my bed with my spouse only after learning “they were out there” already. Your “God given intuition” will tell you what you should do. 25 YRS After My DIVORCE, I am certain my decision was the right move!.

      You DESERVE someone to LOVE YOU & “NOTHING LESS.”

  2. I have just started NC a week ago and staying strong. Painful staying away from my child but my question is – what if there are a bunch of interfering friends and relatives assuring her she has done the right thing while this is going on? Will NC still get her back from the hands of these witches?

    1. You have no control over other people involved, so try not to worry about it. Know your worth and what you have to offer. Anyway you both need space to think clearly so use this time to do just that, all right? You can definitely contact your spouse regarding your child but keep the conversation to that and end the conversation first after making arrangements about it.

    2. @The Marriage Guy Thanks for being kind enough to reply Brad. I really appreciate what you do. I never would have thought of NC had I not seen your videos. Actually I saw the sense in what you said (get out of there immediately) and it motivated me to leave the ‘war zone’ for breathing space. There was an element of disbelief on her face as I packed my suitcases. NC means she thinks I am not coming back and will enable her to appreciate what I offered to our arrangement over the incessant plotting against me she engaged in with her women as we fought. These are women with some serious issues of their own and it was amazing how much they were getting off putting me down. And I couldn’t believe she couldn’t see through them. In the meantime through the excruciatingly intense pain of not being with my child I am working on getting back in good shape and rejuvenating my income, activities that I hardly ever had time to do at home – again a no brainer motivated by your advice. If and when my finances improve I shall seriously consider engaging you as coach one on one. With your multi-level cross sectional experience I am sure you will add much value to my life especially if I succeed in getting back together with this woman. I am thinking of ‘first contact’ at the end of 3 weeks, that is next week, with a casual non committal request for ‘advice’ from her. What do you think?

  3. My wife and I don’t want a divorce. But we disagree on so many things. And now we have a pretty big disagreement with the COVID vaccinated and more so on when it’s available for our 5 year old child. We both have done our own due diligence and stand firmly.
    We both feel this is going to end us
    She is already blaming me and saying it will be my fault if our child gets sick. My stance is that There is just not enough evidence and time to justify a good decision to get vaccinated. (Time to really see the side effects).
    This is heavy on us both! What can we do?

  4. Obviously giving space is very important. But how does No Contact work in a situation like this? I’m giving space & also doing no contact so she can think clearly. But she still texts me at least once a week & ask how I’m doing. How do I handle this?

    1. If you’re married, there’s bound to be shared obligations between you two even if you two can’t work it out at this time, so no, you don’t actually cut off contact with a spouse.

  5. Hi Brad I want to check you out, but I’m afraid. My husband got an apartment. I pushed him out & now I want him back. I have no idea what to do. We spent a weekend with our son, got romantic blah blah. Then he acted like it was nothing. Texted me the next day saying he can’t & bringing up issues from the past he already forgave me for. I was so hurt & couldn’t believe he would make me feel so used. I had an outburst & we were back at square one……

    1. What made you push him out of the house I presumed you both live in? Oftentimes it’s best to start at the root of the issue. This may help: Otherwise please feel free to sign up for my Mend the Marriage coaching program so I can take a closer look at what’s going on and therefore be more equipped to give advice, at

  6. My wife is going to be moving out I have watched several of your videos & I’m learning how to have a quality conversation with her. It has helped but she feels she needs to work on herself b4 working on our marriage. Is this normal

  7. One idea I have is addressing your wife with “Sweetheart, when we go out to Applebee’s in Putney tonight with the MacCrubers, can we both agree to neither of us grumbling critical comments under our breath. Thank you. Let us go out and have a good time, sweetheart, rather than having any unpleasant fight. Thank you.

  8. Another Idea is ” I would love to continue this discussion, but I have to hurry out to Kohl’s in Brattleboro to pick out your very special birthday gift.”

  9. Hi my wife I have been with 17 years of Which 13 years married told me a week ago she longer feels the same about me she says she has felt like it the last few months and I was having trust issues she has finished it with me.We have 3 children together and to not confuse the kids thinking we are getting back together I’m having to move back into my parents. She says she still wants to be friends but that’s it. I text everyday to see how the kids are as I don’t want her thinking I don’t care about them

    1. Sorry to hear that. Wow! 17 years is a long time to be with someone and I’m sure you both tried to make it work. What happened, though? I still suggest to apply the tips from this vid and try not to force things. Also take the free quiz to determine what your chances are for saving your marriage, at Best of luck!

  10. hello, i need your help the situation is a bit complicated a week ago my wife decided to divorce and said that all this has been going on for a long time and that our marriage was not successful, the next day she moved in with her brother and stayed there but we are still in contact because we have a child and we only talk when I want to see him
    I wish I had seen your video much earlier but I didn’t understand that I am also to blame for a bad marriage because I forgot that it is the most important thing in my life
    For 4-5 days I made all the mistakes you mentioned, but fortunately I saw you, I am currently listening to your advice, I am trying to make myself a better person, I avoid any quarrels, I should move out soon, I don’t know how to act give me peace

    1. She should move out soon and i dont know shoul i stop with giving her time or shoul i make something? It was only 3 days since i start to follow your advices

    2. And i was making all misstakes for 3 days and right now i follow every of your advice i start to be beeter person i love her so much i dont want to lose her
      And she dont want to talk anymore i start to agree with that an give her space but she is planing to move and i have feeling like i will lose her i have my cool i will not panic but i want to do right move

    3. Good to hear! Yeah, it’s a good thing you found this channel, then. It’s a tough battle for sure, but try to apply the tips on this vid as much as you can, okay? If you wanna find out what your chances are, take the quiz at Good luck!

  11. My husband has said he wants a divorce and he is not in love anymore as well. We have been together for almost 6years married for 2. He started confiding in his boss and has developed a “friendship” with her but I call it an emotional relationship. They have had “what if” conversations. He claims all the bad we have gone through makes him feel like there is no hope. I told him those are lessons and I have done research and found tools to use to change the things he told me bothered him such as bettering communication, not getting defensive, making sure he feels heard and validated, etc. I have voiced many times I am here to fight for us and if he would do the work too we could fix our marriage and be great together. I can tell he wants to but he is fighting against it. Is there anything else I can do to convince him not to give up and run?

    1. He still has the friendship with his boss, and he still does things that make me feel like he wants to save our marriage but then once I start to put my guard down and show him any kind of emotion, his “I don’t want this” reflex comes back up. I feel like this is a game a times and he just wants me to react and be upset.

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  12. Hello, I know this is not your newest upload…but I have a question:

    How can I deal with/address/remedy a significant other that constantly cannot remember things said and done, events, tasks or chores (which in turn causes arguments)?
    For example:
    I put something of his away and tell him where I’ve placed it-sometimes multiple times. He then will go looking for it, I’ll ask what he’s looking for, tell him where it is, then he’ll become absolutely irate because he had no idea where it was. But yet in other instances thanks me for keeping things sorted.

    What do I do? I don’t know how to respond.

    1. I do drop by from time to time! Right off the bat I say he’s probably just disorganized. It is indeed annoying but maybe help him sort it out? Like help him assign a place to where he wants stuff to be placed so he won’t keep forgetting? Don’t arrange things for him. Let him do the sorting instead, that way he WILL remember. And then try to encourage him to stick to the plan!

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  13. *Marriage is like a rollercoaster, strap yourself in & hang on for the ride of a lifetime. You’ll experience lots of twists & turns… ups & downs & @ times you’ll swear your life was just turned upside down. Once things settle down & your feet are back on the ground, you’ll say “wow what a thrill”…let’s do that again!*

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