How To Make Wife Realize Her Mistake | Paul Friedman

How to make partner understand her error.

, founder of The Marital relationship Structure discusses how to make understand her error and after that uses really helpful marital knowledge. We revitalize marital relationships that many "experts" think is beyond saving. We clinically assist you to the love and happiness you rightfully expected when you said, "I do".

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How To Make Realize Her Mistake |

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  1. Your Funny Paul , your very REAL with things , I love the way you talk so gentle and so loving , but so real at times, “A-HOLE” hilarious! but true I love it !

  2. So true ! Just like I can’t tell my mother she did something wrong , even being a good mother , she’ll says “Ok I was a horrible mother” all self condemning herself , but what I have found in 23 years of marriage is you CAN point out what your wife did wrong to her , but it completely has to come in a non-judgment tone , if that”s even possible ! LOL

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