How to Deal with Childish Husband | Paul Friedman

How to handle childish spouse.


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About the Author: Renee Love


  1. I love this video Paul! I have a childish husband, and his childish behaviors have gotten on my nerves a little, however, your loving guidance of liquid love is the solution!!

  2. Hi, can you please give advice – what if I never had that heart connection with husb.? From the beginning i felt a shallowness in our marriage. In fact, i married not in love. I was confused about feelings and love at the time. I thought that because i tended to fall in love with a couple guys who were not the best, i should just ignore my lack of feeling love and compassion, and that it would come later. 5 kids later, not only did the love not come, but there is still no soul connection. And of course he let me down in many areas, too. He is not a good communicator, either. I dont feel like i respect him. This makes me see his negative traits and not be able to shake them off.Yet i cant leave because of the kids, because divorce is wrong. But living with no empathy has been stressing me out. I want to feel agape love, yet i don’t. Kids sense it, too. Just bought your book.

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