How to Avoid and Prepare for Divorce | My best experience as a Young Muslim Woman | SimplyJaserah

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I actually hope my story helps anyone who is struggling or unsure of what to do in a marital relationship from an Islamic viewpoint. This is suggested to be light relationship guidance in a marriage for women or in . This is my Story, my , my divorce suggestions and red flags to look out for. Let me know in the remarks if you would like a Q&A

0:00 Intro
2:12 Sharing my Story (Marriage, Age I got wed, Where I met Him
3:07 Tips- What to search for in a partner/ prior to Marrying
5:40 Red Flags in a Marriage/ Warning to watch out for
6:56 Addressing Marital Problems (Marriage therapy, Open , Separation).
12:50 Actions to take after picking Divorce.
14:26 Dua to relieve heart from discomfort and difficulty. Read this dua when going through difficulty.
15:15 Actions I took that helped heal from a divorce.
17:18 Outro.

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How to Avoid and Prepare for Divorce | My best experience as a Young Muslim Woman |

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  1. Thank you Jaserah, I am not married yet but I will consider things you have said. Having similar mindset similar interests must be really important.

  2. Thank you for making this video. Also I agree 100% with your statement of “religious doesn’t mean he/she is a good person”. I’ve seen this one too many times unfortunately.

    1. Thats just those that are fake religious. The truly religious ones will also take in the parts of religion that say you must be a good trustworthy patient person

    2. If the other person is religious it mean that yoy are the BAD person. A person that fears Allah, no matter what, they would be trustworthy and honest with everyone. Good manners comes before everything. Those who say religious people does not mean good it means that either that person is falsely religious or YOU have no idea of deen because you just saw beard and you heard that person prays on and off.

    3. religious men can be aggressive abusive I’ll mannered and easily angered. Treat their wife not good. I have a fried who married twice and both men were practising men that were abusive to her and even beat her

  3. Loved how eloquent you have kept this topic!! Such an awesome wholesome advice that everyone getting married should be aware of especially coming from our community ❤️

  4. Very Good talk, Mashallah, been through a similar experience and I could relate to each of the points that you said. Alhamdulillah I worked my way through that phase of life. Definately remembering Allah and relying on him is the way out.

  5. Thank you for this video. I think it’s really important for muslim women to talk more about divorce. Unfortunately some women are scared to get a divorce even though they are treated horribly. We have to have these conversations. Yes, divorce isn’t a good thing but staying in an unhealthy relationship is worse.

  6. You are a beautiful person inside and out masha’Allah ❤️

    The thing I found the most difficult after divorce (even with it being a short marriage!), was the feeling of being lost and that you have to start life all over. Getting closer to Allah SWT and also working on yourself like you said does truly help – see it as a positive opportunity to focus on developing a better you to help you get out of the mindset I had! Take chances, take new opportunities, take risks.

    I pray that Allah brings you a wonderful man, when you feel the time is right, who treats you like a queen.

  7. Great video. You should not be looking for a relationship or marriage when you’re not in a good place yourself or have not learnt to love yourself. If you love yourself and are sure of yourself you will not make excuses for wrong behaviour and will have conviction in your decision making.

  8. My ex husband (over 60), prays diligently and go to the mosque regularly. He treats other people nicely, with manners.. he’s charming. But with me (2nd wife, I’m in my 50s) and his first wife, he treated us like dirt. So you can’t tell people by their character outside. They can pretend. I just found out 3 years ago that he’s a narcissist. He cheats and lies towards his partners. Other people think he’s a good person, but it’s all a fake. Narcissist wears a mask.

    1. This is also my husband – he and his family’s mask falls off when the house doors close – the comments out of them about other people are vulgar yet to society they show a facade of piety – it’s abhorrent to say the least

    2. @s easier said than done to be honest. I’ve cut myself off from his immediate family but keep in touch with cousins and uncles etc. his side of the family are being really seen for what they are. I’m eating Ya Allah for the day when my boys are independent and then I can do what I need to do then- just a few more years

    3. @Sophia Chowdhury Sorry I don’t mean to be InSensitive, it’s not I no I be been there, deeply! And now I’m on the other side. The truth is if it’s that bad u will try to find a way out. Allah is our provider sustainer! He gives us everything!…read on narcissism if u don’t no what it is. Peace of mind and sanity is priceless. Why live in the facade? Life is real and it’s very short. Kids need a happy mother.

  9. My spouse still thinks it shouldn’t happen..we can still sleep in seperate bedroom there is no intimacy involve last 3 years..there was cheating on his part,alcohol and he promised (lost the count how many times same promise) won’t happen, but I am totally broken friends my families are totally with me if I leave him …still confused as children involves.he is good father but being woman and wife i have zero need meet by him

    1. Not so spot on sister. Even god fearing men think it is ok to break a woman’s heart as Allah gave them permission to marry more than one woman. They think its their right to cheat with woman and break their heart as they can marry more than one. Life is not very easy.

    2. @Maria Muntahin a god fearing man will not cheat, he’ll be upfront and honest and tell you he wants to marry someone else

    3. @Not so much here, I am not so tough sister. Religious guys now a days always threaten to marry another woman. Being in a polygamous marriage is not for everyone. It breaks your heart and self esteem.

  10. Thank you for this video. I am not married and I am your age. I am a university instructor and marriage is not my priority at this stage. Many men in our community are intimidated by economically and culturally well-exposed women. I received a few proposals, but they all came with a bunch of do/don’ts. Intellectual compatibility is what I am looking for before anything. Our generation is different because we don’t live in the industrial revolution. I can survive without a male shadow, and I am fine even if I don’t get married. There is more to life than tying the knot. I am married to myself and struggle to understand myself. Lol

  11. Havent finished listening yet but how accurate. The point that someone can appear religious but doesn’t have true fear of Allah! Especially the “religious” type. Learnt from my marriage/divorce experience too.

  12. Love that part “someone has to have the fear of Allah for them to treat you right” never thought of it like that but now makes so much sense

  13. So important to discuss these things. I’m probably a decade older than you, and I’m so proud of young women like you. I wasn’t nearly as mature in my mid 20s.

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