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  1. Great stuff here, thanks for this vid! Although I already managed to get my ex back thanks to Treitan Mellory’s Simple Paper, I just can’t watch enough of these vids, knowledge really is power!

  2. Society has already conditioned people that they cannot make it on their own. So it is hard to follow any of this advice.

  3. When your heart has been ripped out of you and stomped on 50 times, this is not only hard to follow, it is not humanly possible for most. I can not even stop crying most of the time no matter how hard I try. I do everything to distract myself and nothing works. Her memory haunts me day and night and her leaving means I am now all alone totally because I have no family and she and her family were literally all I had. 2 years and she will not even exchange an email with me. It feels like she died and there is no way I can ever deal with it. Being totally alone is the worst thing a human can experience and I have been doing it for two years. I would rather be set on fire than to go through this.

    1. You shouldn’t feel that way
      There is plenty of good women available, any color any age
      And willing to have fun
      Give yourself a chance till you find the right one.
      Good luck brother

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