Dirty Divorce Tricks Spouses Play | How to Avoid Them During Your Divorce

|how to avoid them during your

There are couple of occasions in life that are more emotional than the very beginning of a procedure. Feelings such as anger and suspect that have actually developed over months, or in some cases even years, can boil out and trigger even the most rational, excellent, and sane individuals to act irrationally and treat their other partner in such a way they never would. In this video, we are going to discuss 11 of the common cheats that we see partners do to other partners.

| How to Avoid Them During Your Divorce

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  1. Mr Denmon your information and that of your firm has been so very helpful to me, although I moved here to Florida I filed in NJ where I left. Had I waited 6 months in FL to file I would have been a client of yours for certain. Thanks for putting your educational videos and your eBooks out there. Denmon / Pearlman excellent advise !!

    1. Kudos for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Taparton Returning Love Takeover (do a google search)? It is a great one of a kind product for learning how to stop divorce minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got amazing results with it.

  2. Can children give there own opinion of who they want to be with? Because I’ve seen dad’s be loving and moms screaming at the children constantly and infront of court they could just fake everything.

  3. How about #7 where the wife cheats on the husband then tries to take him for all he’s worth while she’s the one who broke the marital vows…..

    1. @Jim Cole We Do need to enforce adultery and other laws .,,you see when you marry if the government becomes your three is a crowd partner on the alter at least it should enforce a set of basic marriage rules both parties play by..otherwise there will be a penalty.

  4. All of these things are complicated. The law tries to neatly pigeonhole the issue and sometimes turning grey into black & white dosen’t work except for the lawyers.

  5. My soon to be Ex wife did # 7 #9 against me when I came to pick up my kids for a few weeks its too bad some ex spouses really don’t want to co parent but to make you pay in any way possible for leaving and trying to move on.

  6. What if your spouse quit their job voluntarily and moved away to live off of their inheritance and has been “unemployed” for almost an entire year voluntarily? Especially when they are now wanting 50% time with the kids (due to remote education and Covid) so they can pay $0 in child support?

  7. Question, my wife and I are trying to apply for divorce. We own $80k on the house we live in and have 2 children. We want divorce, however, we will remain living together, like we have been doing for the last 11 years. We will continue living with the girls, under our same roof. What do I need to do? or who I need to contact? Miami based

  8. One very important information it depends what state/country you getting divorce. Different states/country have different rules. NYC is the worst. Only thing they do right is 50/50 retirement split. Oh and lawyers/divorce are expensive. It’s really sad.

    1. Unilateral no-fault divorce is a curse on our nation. It is forced divorce. It violates the federal and state constitutions in multiple ways. Do a US Supreme Court docket search for Pankoe v. Pankoe.

    2. Trying to understand… Why would it make more sense that the taxpayers foot the bill for your family member if you are making enough to continue support the person you vowed to love and care for? Just wanting to understand. No hate no nothing like that, please know that.

  9. Husband asked for divorce then 6 days ago filed for divorce. He has been so bad to me and he hired a lawyer. I have no money for a lawyer. He did so much emotional physical financial and adultery to me our whole marriage. I don’t even know where to begin since I can’t afford an attorney.

    1. Most or many lawyers will take the case to the first hearing, with first item is husband paying the lawyers fees.

  10. I wish I had known this in 2014, so much was used against me and hurt our daughters. Yes much of what you covered was used on me.

  11. During the 1980s in Utah spouses would file sex abuse charges that sometimes sent the husband to prison and walked away with everything. It was a real headache for the husband.

  12. Unfortunately there is no restraining order from emotional abuse. It is hard to prove , so an abusive parent will get 50% custody. Physical abuse if not documented through law enforcement won’t count and an abuser will get away . Many don’t know when a spouse throwing garbage , items , punching walls , damaging property is a physical abuse and have to documented!! Even if your spouse —- mentally inadequate and dangerous emotionally— the spouse still will get a custody. Dirty trick —- when a spouse fears the mom will get custody during his negligence and her being a good mom— he may propose a foster care . True story.
    Lie —- courts often do not act the best interest of the child . Kids become a product for a price the highest bidder is whiling to make. In the situation —- mediation is the worst option. If dealing with a narcissist— mediation is the worst option. Find those extra money to go to a trial and the court . Painful lesson is learned.

  13. Great video! PA divorce lawyer here. Best thing you can do: don’t get married! Go live your best life! Low stress! Travel wherever, whenever you want! You can still have terrific intimate relationships without bringing in state divorce laws. Stay safe out there!

    1. So if my sociopath narcissist already screwed me mentally and monetarily and it’s done in 2016. Nothing can be done? He took my life literally. He came back and I had to take him because he left me broke in many ways. I signed what he wanted under using something to cope with it all. I took antidepressants bc of his abuse. Another abuser stole 5k from me and the abuse can be listed from.other sources. So all I got is Karma to help me???

    2. Yep you are right. Once the Hallmark movie new wears off some spouses want out like my wife did. No ground faults but she still filed and swiped our whole entire bank account. Not only did I hire an attorney, I went to work part time with them so I could over see my own divorce case and in my off time I helped build a very strong case. Got most of my money back! which from what I hear is very rare. If I ever get married again, accounts will stay separate and the marriage will only be under God’s contract, not the state.

  14. funny to see this cause i played the wage game by voluntarily paying my ex after our split from my corporation and taking no wage myself so she was doubly screwed when we finally got to court never paid her a penny after the case

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