5 Steps to Fixing a Broken Marriage, For Women | Paul Friedman

5 Actions to Repairing a Broken Marital Relationship, For Ladies

, founder of speaks about 5 actions to fixing a broken for ladies and after that provides really beneficial marital understanding. We revitalize marital relationships that a lot of "professionals" think is beyond conserving. We clinically guide you to the love and happiness you truly expected when you said, "I do".

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About the Author: Renee Love


  1. I like to watch one of your videos everyday before my husband comes home. It helps me to be a better wife. We have less arguments and we appreciate each other more. Thank you for your wisdom. ❤

  2. Thank you Paul. I appreciate your direct honesty. I will be investing in your marriage counselor training as soon as i am able. Thank you for helping us. May you continue to be blessed friend

  3. You’re so right. I am trying my heart out to get my husband home after I asked him to try separation after we had conflict got a while. It is so hard. It’s been 14 months. He has been spending some time with someone else and I’m not sure how serious it is. He says it’s not a relationship and I’m not sure whether to believe that.
    Although he has been adamant we need to divorce to be happy it hasn’t been mentioned for almost two months because we are amicable.
    I just want him to ask me to ask to spend time with me but he doesn’t.

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