3 Ways How To Get Spouse To Stop Hating Me And Love Me Again | Paul Friedman

3 methods how to get partner to stop disliking me and like me once again.

, founder of The Marital relationship Foundation speaks about 3 methods how to get spouse to stop hating me and like me once again, and after that offers genuinely useful marital understanding. We revitalize marital relationships that many "experts" think is beyond conserving. We clinically guide you to the love and joy you truly anticipated when you said, "I do".

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  1. What do I do when I’ve been taking your course and following and my husband is angry and resentful to me. I give and give my affection and unconditional love and I want to but it’s so hurtful and makes me feel ridiculous when I receive nothing back because he is still bitter and angry

  2. Thank you for your wisdom. I am on the crossroads in my life with a husband who has put me through a roller coaster for almost 18 years. He can be the sweetest and most loving one day and very demanding and critical the next day. I’m suffering from depression and anxiety and often I have to hide it from him to avoid gaslighting. He refuses any kind of help or counseling and extremely confident. I didn’t want to leave yet but I’m at the end of my rope and out of options after trying all I could to improve this marriage. I feel like I’m stuck forever.

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