10 Ways How To Avoid Arguments In Marriage That Always Works | Paul Friedman

10 methods how to prevent arguments in marital relationship that always works.

, creator of discusses 10 ways how to avoid arguments in that constantly works and then uses genuinely useful marital knowledge. We renew marriages that the majority of "specialists" think is beyond conserving. We clinically assist you to the love and pleasure you truly expected when you stated, "I do".

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  1. Sir, you’re so full of wisdom, and I take this your video as God speaking to me through you. My husband and I are having this issue in our marriage and It still happened yesterday. He’s always saying I am defensive but I don’t always accept it, as he doesn’t correct me with love and the way I want to be corrected. I have learnt now from this video, I am learning to STOP before I speak, LISTEN AND HEAR. I will share this video with him also. More grace and wisdom to you Paul

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